Upon graduation from our school, you will receive a full arsenal to continue acting career and promote yourself as an actor in Russia and, most importantly, beyond its borders.

  • 2-min promo- video SHOWREEL in English.
  • Your personal portfolio creation.
  • List of all agencies, castings and TV projects, where to send themselves.
  • A massive collection of videos from the entire period of study where you can see yourself acting (doing etudes, etc.) to be able to review your progress
  • Excellent level of English – “English as a native”.
  • Roles in contemporary theatrical productions in Moscow and abroad.
  • Experience working on the site with foreign actors and directors.


  • You will become a better expert in understanding theater and cinema. 
  • Try “on yourself” international acting techniques.
  • Will start singing (minimum – you will not be ashamed to sing in karaoke, maximum – you will sing good enough to event record an album).
  • You will understand the plasticity of your body.
  • You will be able to perform scenic tricks: for example, to fight on stage and in front of the camera as if for real.
  • You will pump your energies up and will be fit in ready to go.

Theatrical Institute IN IMPETUS
Lisbon, Portugal

  • 7 days of immersion in the ocean and theater of Portugal.
  • Collaboration with Portuguese actors in English.
  • Intensive training with Portuguese stage directors.
  • A joint Russian-Portuguese play “TERRORISM” by Russian playwrights Vladimir and Oleg Presnyakov in English.
  • POP UP actors’ trainings in different locations, connection with nature
  • Actors liberation through the ocean and surfing.