Acting – 216 hours.
3 times a week – 9 hours.

Improvisation (in English) – 36 hours.
Once a week – 1.5 hours.

Vocals – 36 hours.
Once a week – 1.5 hours.

Scenic speech in Russian – 36 hours.
Once a week – 1.5 hours.

Scenic movement – 36 hours.
Once a week – 1.5 hours.

Theory of theater and cinema – 36 hours.
Once a week – 1.5 hours.


1 month (March): Acting
“Basis of the basics”
– Technique of Stanislavsky “I am in the circumstances”
– Technique of Mikhail Chekhov “Work with a psychological gesture”

1- Etudes images taken from plays by playwrights of 20-21
centuries: I. Vyrypaev, Presnyakovs,
Phillip Dick, Pelevin, and others.
2- Etudes with the use of the psychological gesture on the poems of Brodsky, Shakespeare,
Tsvetaeva, Blok, Pushkin, Cocteau, and others.

2 month (April): Acting
“Introduction to theatrical art”
The technique of Chabak and “The Empty Space of Peter Brook”

Etudes with an object, single Etudes in an empty space where the subject
acts as a partner, as a “certain force”, as an obstacle.

3 month (May):
“The Theater of Cruelty”
Anthony Artaud and his theater of cruelty.

Etudes on the scenarios of K. Tarantino’s films: “4 Rooms”, “Sin City”,
“Pulp Fiction” and others

4 month (June):
“Theater of the Artist” and Robert Wilson (work on paintings)
Studies on paintings and photos taken by famous artists and photographers: Bosch, Botticelli, Magritte, Sundek, Otto Dix, Michael Freeman.

5 month (July):
Work with the director.
Portugal – Theater Institute ‘In Impetus’ – exchange program. Liberation through surfing and natural elements.
Master classes in technology:
Mayzner, Stella Adler, Uta Hangen, and others.
The play “Terrorism” of the Presnyakov brothers together with the Portuguese actors on the stage of the school of the In Impetus

6 month (august):
Theater of Music & Dance.
Ballets Maurice Bejar “20th Century” to the music of Queen,
Pina Bausch, Matzek and others.

Etudes on the dance images from the ballets of well-known choreographers of the 20th century (above) to the music of Bach, Beethoven, Schnittke, Chopin, and others.

7 month (September)
The play “Terrorism” by the Presnyakov brothers is a joint international work for 3 directors: Portuguese, Russian and British, with the participation of Portuguese actors.

Seminars for 6 months:
– Biomechanics. Meyerhold
– Сomedy d’ll Art
– Clownery
– Technique of Grotovsky
– Work in the frame
– Management of the Actor

Additional discipline:
The art of performance from Futurism to the present day.
Practice – creating a dynamic installation.


Cost of education * ** 

88000 for the full course (6 months), and this is only
14666 rubles per month
or only 222 rubles per hour!  

* payment by ‘trimester’ is possible
** monthly memberships for certain classes offered