What you Are and who you wanna be?

It’s time to be yourself! This is your zest
Here we bring you back to the origins of yourself, we tap your fears, uncertainties, doubts, strengths, charisma, zest, humor.
Here all the capacities and incarnations of your personality are reunited: how you move, how you feel, how you look, how you walk, how you sing, how you say, how you trust yourself, how you exchange energies with your partner, what you carry yourself into the world and what people read off you. Last but not the least, we will sharpen your sense of rhythm, broaden your voice capabilities, direct your speech flow and tune up your intonations.


  • First of all, to discover you real SELF.
  • Your unique zest. Together we will search for it, and when we find it, we will dig it out and train you so you know how to “switch it ON” at the right time.
  • We will help you define your stage image / your character type which will become a money-maker for you.

KALLOCAIN is not the laboratory for all. Come join Kallocain if:

  • YOU are not able to sit still anymore & doing it the way it has always been.
  • YOU always wanted to try himself in acting, but just didn’t have enough time or proper push to start.
  • YOU feel that you have an actor’s nature, and everybody around say the same.
  • YOU cannot afford to start a full-time theater school and set aside another 5 years of your life.
  • YOU would like to bring up your knowledge English language.
  • YOU would like to know how and what actors learn abroad.
  • YOU try yourself in different acting types: comedy, playing style, dramatic, folk, poignant, lyrical.
  • YOU would like to understand yourself and understand what you really are